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Is Delta 10 Legal and Safe?

Two of the most common questions we get at Nerps Brands are: are our Delta-10 THC products legal? And are our products safe?


The assumption around CBD products is that marijuana = illegal. Which can be true! But there is far more to cannabis than its infamous illegal counterpart -- such as the very much legal hemp!


But where does Delta-10 THC fall in this spectrum? Are the products that Nerps Brands sells based in hemp or illegal marijuana? 


And aside from legality, is Delta-10 THC safe? Are Nerps Brands products reliable if legality is in question? 


We know you worry -- but that’s why we’re here! To answer your questions and give you confidence in the products you buy from us.  


In this article, we answer all your questions about legality, safety, and more!

Delta-10 THC and Illegality


Delta-10 THC can be illegal -- but before you panic, read on!


If derived from marijuana, Delta-10 THC is illegal. Marijuana is a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance, which means anything extracted from it is also illegal, too. 


BUT . . . 


Delta-10 THC can be extracted from hemp, too! And that is the version of Delta-10 THC you know and love in Nerps Brands products today. 


The Drug Enforcement Administration has stated that “All synthetically derived tetrahydrocannabinols remain Schedule I controlled substances.” The loophole that hemp gets through in that statement is where the DEA doesn’t define what constitutes “synthetically derived.” 


Because of that loophole, Nerps Brands is able to produce safe, legal Delta-10 THC products by deriving our cannabinoids from hemp. The current market of CBD products gets its cannabinoids supply from hemp as well. 


So don’t worry about setting off any red flags when you buy Nerps Products! We make sure that all stages of our products pass the industry standards so you don’t have to lose sleep over your purchases. 

Delta-10 THC and Urinalysis


One important question worth addressing is: can Delta-10 THC be detected in urine tests?


The short answer: yes!


Delta-10 THC will appear in a urinalysis -- and may not be discernible from Delta-9 THC, which is derived from illegal marijuana.


If you know you’ll be required to do a urine test soon, we recommend withholding from using our Nerps Brands products until the test is complete. Though Delta-10 THC is legal, the tests do not always differentiate between the various cannabinoids. The last thing we want is for you to be flagged in a urine test for using our products! 


Better to be safe than sorry!



Delta-10 THC and Product Testing


Delta-10 THC is an amazing addition to the cannabinoid world. If you read our article detailing the history and origins of Delta-10 THC, you know how it was discovered accidentally by the combination of cannabis plant and fire retardant. 


A lot of concerns arise over this -- can you trust a compound that comes from such toxic chemicals? 


Yes, you can!


Since Delta-10 THC’s discovery, scientists have worked tirelessly to develop Delta-10 THC in safe, controlled environments that do not rely on toxic chemicals. Those are the sources Nerps Brands uses -- only the safest, only the best!


But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t less reliable companies and products out there. 


Delta-10 THC can be incredibly dangerous if made improperly (just look at how it was first made -- with fire retardant!). This is a huge reason why we at Nerps Brands strive so much to educate you -- we want you to know what you’re buying, no matter where you buy it from. It could literally mean the difference between life and death.


If Delta-10 THC products are made without proper testing and knowledge, companies could be inadvertently producing toxic pollutants that could, understandably, harm or even kill consumers. We’ve seen this unfortunate scenario play out before, with the vaping market and vitamin E. Producing Delta-10 THC without the correct channels followed could result in harmful pesticides, residual solvents, or even trace amounts of illicit Delta-9 THC that could cause psychoactive effects. 


As Delta-10 THC gains popularity, more and more companies will pop up, offering their versions of Delta-10 THC products. Not all of them will be compliant with Certificate of Analysis (COA) certification. These third-party documents are provided to certify that each company and product has undergone the testing needed to be safe for the general consumer. Companies who seek to gain COA certificates take that extra step to ensure safety and peace of mind in their customers.


In other words: if a Delta-10 THC product doesn’t have a COA, don’t buy it!


All of our products with Nerps Brands come with their own COA. We pride ourselves in offering not only a wide range of Delta-10 THC products, but the best products. We won’t settle for less, and neither should you!

Delta-10 THC and the Future


Because Delta-10 THC is so new still, there is a lot we don’t yet know about it. But don’t let that put you off of using it -- what we do know is that it is safe and comes with lots of positive benefits! 


And, best of all, scientists are actively researching the full effects of Delta-10 THC and its broad spectrum of uses. One of the leading companies in this research, 3Chi, has started experimentation with Delta-10 THC.


The more cannabis products are accepted, the more studies will be approved to further explore the wide-reaching effects of these products. And you can count on Nerps Brands to be at the forefront of these discoveries, filling you in on any and all information that’s important for you!

Delta-10 THC and You


The final question we know you still have is: is Delta-10 THC right for you?


That’s a question only you can answer! We hope we’ve made your decision a little easier by providing this information to shed more light on this still very new addition to the cannabinoid world. 


The Delta-10 THC in Nerps Brands’ products is legal. It’s safe. It passes industry-standard testing and comes certified by a third party with COA. 


We at Nerps give you only the best in Delta-10 THC products, and we want you to rest easy in that knowledge!


Do you have any other questions about Delta-10 THC’s legality? Are there any topics you’d like us to explore further? Let us know in the comments! 

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